Returning to Wu-Tang Clan’s “The W”

Amid “Chimes Of War” on the “Wu-Tang Forever” collection, towards the end RZA expressed that “the following Wu-Tang collection ain’t even comin out till the year 2000”, and they fortunately kept that guarantee, as it were, discharging their third collection, the pleasantly titled “The W” in 2000. Yet, before we return to the collection, we should investigate what the individuals were up to preceding this current collection’s discharge, musically.

Now, RZA was at that point one of the best makers in hip bounce history, however after the “Wu-Tang Forever” collection, his abilities behind the sheets progressed toward becoming hit and miss. I recall a meeting around this time when he conceded he had tumbled off somewhat, best wu tang albums likely due to being exhausted and exploring different avenues regarding his sound. That “hit and miss” period didn’t keep going too long fortunately. In 1998, he discharged his fairly hotly anticipated introduction collection. It wasn’t “The Cure” as arranged, but instead under his adjust sense of self “Bobby Digital” (In Stereo). I may return to that collection sooner or later, however I review not being awed with it some time ago (perhaps it was excessively exploratory for my tastes).

Expressive virtuoso, play on words expected, GZA discharged “Underneath The Surface” in 1999. It was a decent collection certainly, yet coming after the original “Fluid Swords”, it was a stage down.

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