Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai Review

Tragically, we as a whole can identify with this new play ‘Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai’

The primary scene is a hit and everybody is recently commending the creators of this new ARY Digital play “Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai” for concocting the idea which is not new but rather still striking in our general public.


The discoursed are stinky and the circumstance is dishonorable, the house and the earth inside the house is intolerable yet is commonplace.

We as a whole have seen such individuals, Ary digital dramas some have by and by encountered the agony and the scars are going no place from the spirit.

The plot is basic, Saima is playing Sajid Hasan’s better half and has three girls. Her better half and her relative need a child.

Specialists have anticipated (a ultrasound report) that this time she will bring forth a child and now the spouse and relative have their expectations high.

The relative (played by Ayesha Khan) conveys her grimy musings in the dirtiest way… the thing appears to be intolerable however haven’t we as a whole heard it around us… haven’t we as a whole felt sorry for individuals with little girls as it were?

The mother brings forth a little girl and everybody is awestruck, the father and relative decline to acknowledge the way that the kid is a young lady and need to enlist a police body of evidence against the specialist whose ultrasound report recommended that the tyke might be a kid.

Unfortunately, the show doesn’t end here and the grandma even doesn’t enable the attendants to dress her granddaughter while conveying monolog which is insufferable yet yes, once more, we as a whole can identify with it.

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